Bamboo Paper Co makes premium bathroom tissue and paper towels from FSC® certified (FSC-C162028) bamboo pulp, providing an alternative paper solution that saves thousands of precious trees and animal habitats around the world.

A sustainable alternative to using virgin wood fibre, bamboo is technically a grass. It is more sustainable than virgin wood fibre for paper making due in part to its ability to grow up to 20 times faster than trees. It is believed to be the fastest growing plant on the planet. 


Unlike trees, it regenerates from its own roots, requiring no fertiliser or replanting and can reach maturity within just a few years, versus the decades it takes forests to recover from logging.

Bamboo is able to thrive in soils that are depleted of nutrients, enriching them in the process. As it grows, it also absorbs up to 35% more carbon and produces 30% more oxygen than trees.


As bamboo fibers are longer and rounder, they create a naturally silky, smooth and strong tissue, with better natural anti-microbial properties than equivalent paper products. In addition, the manufacturing process requires less water usage than traditional wood-based paper making.

Bamboo Paper Co. products are free from toxic chemicals, dyes and fragrances making it the safer and less irritating for the skin. Our products are completely biodegradable and safe on all plumbing systems and septic tanks.

We take all possible steps to ensure our packaging is as environmentally sound as the product within, choosing plastic-free and recycled materials wherever possible. 



Bamboo Paper Co. is a New Zealand owned and operated business. Our mission is to provide premium, cost effective solutions accessible to all businesses, helping them reduce their environmental impact without compromising on comfort for their customers and staff.