Bamboo Paper Co. supplies paper and soap dispensers to customers to use in their washrooms and other facilities. However, sometimes customers change suppliers and when this happens, the dispensers from the previous supplier are considered waste. Not only is perfectly functional equipment being discarded within its useful life, this practice adds hassle and costs for the client as the outgoing supplier frequently abandons these unwanted dispensers at the client's premises.

Rather than writing off the old dispensers, BPC’s team saw this waste stream as a valuable opportunity to create a circular business model. We have launched a program to recover dispensers and recycle them for use with BPC's products. 

How it works:

When you change to Bamboo Paper Co. we will provide you with a termination pack to issue to your existing supplier. This will contain a notice to terminate your existing supplier arrangement, an agreement for the removal of their equipment and provisions for the failure to honour this agreement in the form of an Equipment Release Form. You may nominate BPC to handle this process with the supplier on your behalf.  


If your existing equipment is to be removed on schedule by the outgoing supplier, we will provide you with new dispenser options from the Bamboo Paper Co. range.

If your exciting supplier no longer wants their equipment and does not plan to remove it from your premises, we will assess its suitability to BPC's product range. If the existing dispensers can be used with our products and are still in reasonable condition, we will present this option to you alongside new dispenser options from our range. You can decide which option is right for your business. 

If you decide to reuse your existing dispensers, we will re-brand them on site free of charge.


If you decide to do away with the old equipment after all, we will manage their removal and install of your new dispensers as per your new agreement with BPC. The old dispensers will be disposed off responsibly within the currently available infrastructure.